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Holy Week and Easter Schedule
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Parish Offices


Rev. Joseph F. Rymdeika
Telephone: 215-672-2881, x11


Deacon Timothy E. Urbanski
Telephone: 215-672-2881 


Mr. Joshua Jenkins
Parish Services Director 
Telephone: 215-672-2881, x15


Mrs. Lizanne Vernacchio
Business Manager 
Telephone: 215-672-2881, x19


Mrs. Mary Beth Dougherty
Bulletin Editor/Admin. Assistant 
Telephone: 215-672-2881, x17


Mrs. Mimi Drummond
Director of music
Telephone: 215-646-7105


Religious Education


Mrs. Regina Osborne
Telephone: 215-674-8549

Mrs. Jennifer Sgro
Religious Education Secretary 
Telephone: 215-674-8549 






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